I believe hard work, dedication, passion and performance leads to advancement not a feeling of entitlement. Entitlement should actually be seen as a negative and hiring managers should resist the temptation to promote based on longevity.

Entitlement is synonymous with complacency. Being satisfied with the status quo. People who act entitled are frequently unaware of their own behaviors. They are consumed in their own role and believe that longevity will carry them to the next level of management.

If you want to be in a position for a promotion, you need to concentrate on aligning your performance measures to that of the organization. You need to stay hungry and on the leading edge of performance.  Be relentless in your approach and don’t under-estimate the power of positivity. Keep an eye on the football!

Be creative in your approach and don’t wait till the last day before a job is posted to be concerned about your performance and readiness for promotion. As a positude leader, you will continuously assess and reassess your position within your work environment. You need to lead, inspire and manage with clarity in a collaborative manner.

Don’t be held back by resistors of change, remain nimble and adjust accordingly. Work within your boundaries and create opportunities of shared learning and performance.

Be a proactive leader, concentrate on your customer and provide services with passion, love and error free. If you do this well, you will be noticed and likely be the last man or woman standing.



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