Do you at times feel deflated, demoralized and slipping down the slippery slope of negativity? I certainly have found myself in this scenario and as most will tell you, I’m one of the most positive people you will ever run into. However, there are times that even my positude tank is running on fumes. I’m pretty sure you can relate to this as well.

Question remains, how can I break the cycle and fill up the tank? Breaking a negative cycle is very difficult, your brain is powerful and the dark side wants to play from time to time as well. Therefor, you will need to take an action, a premeditated step towards positive behavior.

Depending on the severity, you have two options available.

For a quick fix, which will work well for those who practice meditation often is to take a “Time Out” by taking five deep breaths in/out in cycles of 5 seconds each. Breath in over five seconds, hold five seconds and exhale over five seconds all the while focusing on the air that enters/exit from your lungs. If you find your mind drift, pull it back. Once focused, you can reset your brain to positude. It’s a great intervention to break a cycle of negative or repetitive thoughts.

For those who feel demoralized and deflated, its time to create a quick WIN! Use your creative mind and select something that is small enough in scope but meaningful to make a difference. For example, giving your office a six-month check up by sorting, setting order, shining, standardized and sustain for success or by teaching a class, creating a value added activity, etc. Something that can be done within a five-day work week. It will do wonders for your brain and mindset.

Take control over your own behavior, fill your positude tank when it runs low, create a WIN for yourself and/or for your team.



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