Body, Mind, & Soul Refreshed!

Body, Mind, & Soul Refreshed!

I had been longing after a vacation away from the daily hustles of life. August 19th 2017 could not come soon enough and once it arrived, it didn’t disappoint. It’s an annual family tradition to spend a week per year in the Adirondack Mountains disconnected from the world.

Leaving New City for Long Lake New York on Saturday morning is like going from the 21st Century back to 1970’s where life is lived a bit slower with more attention to the beauty around you and spending quality time with family and friends.

I made a promise to myself to take a week-long hiatus from electronics, posting on Facebook or LinkedIn and most importantly, no work emails. I’m proud to say that I kept my promise with exception to wish my beautiful daughter Kimberlie a happy 21st birthday in Vermont.

The remainder of the week was spent reading, fishing, boating, hiking, building campfires and making smoares as a family. We visited a wild life center and learned much about the Adirondacks from the Ice Period to the early days of settlement.

We finishing the week on a strong note by taking a scenic seaplane ride¬†with Helm Aviation which provided Alex, Uani and Max a bird eyes view of Buttermilk Falls and the amazing infrastructure of several massive Beaver Ponds with walls as high as 8 feet tall. It’s truly amazing to see that focused work moving one piece at the time can result in something strong enough to hold back millions of gallons of water.

On our ride home yesterday, while the rest of the family was taking a snooze, I had time to reflect on a fantastic week with family and friends. I feel refreshed in every sense of the word and can’t wait to do it again next year.



Operational Excellence ..The Disney Way!

Operational Excellence ..The Disney Way!

I will never forget those words, “You are always on stage and in role!”. Meaning, wherever you are or whatever you do, you are expected to perform. Performing a script that has been perfected over time. Not sure if its true or not, the perception is that each actor is being monitored for compliance at all times or else……

Sounds extreme or is it cutting edge? Getting it right in a hyper competitive environment is extremely important as the old adage tells us that every bad experience is told to 60 customers meanwhile a good experience is only told to 10. If this is true, it is reason enough to drive service excellence at every interaction with both internal as well as external customers.

Getting the right people in the right position is likely the most important element of a successful roll out of a service excellence program. You can have a shared vision, incentives, resources and take action however if you don’t have the right behavioral capacity in your front line staff, managers and executive staff, its likely to fall flat and lead to great frustration.

As a positude leader, your first and foremost rule should be to hire for passion and train for skill if necessary. Embedding a culture of excellence is something that must be seen throughout all levels of the company and modeled at every opportunity and interaction. One can’t expect front line staff to comply if they see leaders falling short of expectations.

Therefor, “The Disney Way” is a great way to keep yourself honest. You never know who is watching or listening, you are always on stage and in role. Model the behavior you seek and others will follow your lead.

Operational Excellence all the way!


Lead from the Front!

Lead from the Front!

My mentee came to me this week a bit frustrated about the fact that he’s doing his job well, solving problems and advancing his department however feels passed over when considered for promotion.

His question to me was “What else can I do to put myself in a position for promotion?”.

Let’s be honest, there are no guarantees in life and therefore what I’m going to suggest is the right thing to do that could lead to greener pastures, at minimum, it will make you a better positude leader.

Doing an awesome job within your department is a great first step however to be noticed, one must take on and lead a project from the front. If you sit back and wait for it to come to you, it will likely not happen. Therefor it is paramount to be in tune with the organizational strategic efforts and volunteer yourself to be involved in projects that are somewhat related to your core responsibilities. Another option would be to offer something to your organization at large that is unique and crosses all departments.

Be smart and select something you feel passionate about and preferable have deep knowledge and experience with. This will make it a bit easier to gain traction and respect from your coworkers. If you don’t, you just have to work harder to gain the expertise needed to lead from the front.

What is critical to your success, is the need to view this position not as something else you have to do but rather something that you want to do and who you are as a leader.

After identifying the right project, volunteer yourself to take the lead and responsibility to form a great team and drive the process to a successful outcome. It will take extra work, dedication and positude to bring the right stakeholders to the table.

Refer to my recent blog “Key Ingredients for Performance” to ensure you are setting yourself up for success. Be consistent, be passionate, be inclusive and stay the course.

Your teammates will follow your lead and once your project is performing don’t forget to communicate this effectively throughout the organization by giving credit to your team.

You might have to repeat this a few times before your stature in the organization is raised to someone who can impact beyond that of his/her department.

Lead from the Front!


Key Ingredients for Performance!

Key Ingredients for Performance!

It doesn’t matter if its sports, business or relationships of any kind, one should be curious why some are successful and others are not. Success of course can be defined in many ways as it truly lies in the eye of the beholder.

For this article, let’s think about the Chicago Bulls, New England Patriots, Apple Computer, or your grand parents who have been married for 50+ years.

First and foremost, mutual respectd, a common bond and understanding between the players is the glue that keeps teams together. Teams as such cover each others weaknesses and are in it together through thick and thin.

Having spent time on bad teams and have had the opportunity to build high performance teams, I know the difference and will share with you the key ingredients to drive both success and performance.

Key ingredients for performance:

  1. Unified Vision where clarity rules the day
  2. Right People/Right Roles where each possesses the skills/knowledge needed to succeed
  3. Teams needs to understand what it is they are aiming for and how it benefits the team by establishing meaningful metrics and incentives
  4. Team members need to be accountable to self, team and organization with established consequences for non-compliance
  5. Take countermeasures for non-performance – an alternate action is required to drive change

Next week, once your are settled in, take a few moments and evaluate your teams against these five steps and be brutally honest with yourself. Success is not guaranteed however ensuring the right ingredients and actions are taken, will set your team up for success and performance.

Try it out and let me know how it worked out for you!


Unmet Expectations as a root cause!

Unmet Expectations as a root cause!

Last week, I came across an article posted on Facebook that grabbed my attention and I have not stopped thinking about it ever since. Why do relationships fail albeit personal or professional?

Quick answer would be to say “Failure to Communicate” or “Financial Stress” or even “Lack of Love”. However, these are symptoms not the actual root causes. Therefor fixing these symptoms will leave you vulnerable to repeat.

So what is the root cause?

Unmet expectations of each other in the relationship is the actual root cause. If you have not already done so, you should do it today and purchase the book “Five Languages of Love”. It explains in great detail and in a language we all understand, what it is to live life with clarity. Undoubtedly, you will recognize yourself in one of the scenarios described.

In essence, both individuals in a relationship have different expectations of the other individual however we often assume what the other needs are versus actually having a discussion about specific needs. To do this right, you have to do this in great detail to ensure that you can cater to each others expectations.

For example, I need assistance with house hold choirs. Sounds simple, you take on the task to do the dishes and few loads of laundry. You feel like the hero but received by your partner as a zero. Why one might ask? Well, house hold choirs actually meant more specifically for you to vacuum and mob the floors on Saturday morning.

I’m sure you can come up with another dozen examples whereby expectation regarding communications, finances and love can be misconstrued without bad intentions however it can and will lead to poor outcomes if not addressed in an appropriate manner.

As a positude leader, take this advise to heart and set crystal clear expectations of your staff, co-workers and even with your boss. It will lead to less stressful times in your life.


Pick a topic for my 150th Blog!

Pick a topic for my 150th Blog!

I truly enjoy a challenge almost as much as I enjoy spending time with a mentee or my own coach. I’m approaching my 150th blog and would welcome the challenge to provide me with a topic to write about.

The author of the topic I select, will receive a free copy of my book “Positude Leadership 4 Strategies & 5 Skills”.

Challenge me today!



What went RIGHT today?

What went RIGHT today?

Ugh, we all have those BLUE days. Nothing seems to be going your way. Got up and bumped my head, no hot water left after the kids took an extra long shower this morning, traffic was horrific for no apparent reason causing me to miss a meeting. I can think of another half a dozen minor events that got me down for the day.

Question is, do you allow these relatively minor events to feed your negative brain or do you have the inner strength to break out and live life with some positude?

Easier said than done of course but not an impossible task. Let’s reverse and start from the beginning but this time with a positive brain!

Oh lord, thank you for giving me another day to watch my family grow, birds chirp and watch the dogs chase their tails. A refreshing shower this morning, reminding me how lucky we are to have hot water more often than not. Today I got lucky, while moving slowly, I got to catch up with a long lost friend and shared great memories causing me to belly laugh more than once.

My highlight of the day was eating that “Rainbow Cookie” that had been staring at me for weeks.

I feel so much better now, my shoulders broad, my brain in positive gear, ready to give the world another day filled with positude!

Share this story with those having a “BLUE” day today.