There are so many ways of answering this question. Is it getting your first cup of coffee or leaving on time? I believe that rounding on your patient’s, clients and staff is the most important part of your day. Do you round daily?

Research has shown that you should. Fact is that 80% of our leaders don’t leave their offices, leaving only 20% of you who do it regularly. The Studer Group and Press Ganey have shown a direct correlation between executive rounding and improved patient & staff satisfaction.

What about all these competing interest and mandates? I can’t skip a meeting to round or can you?

The right answer is that each positude leader should set up dedicated time on his/her schedule to ensure that you round daily even if its only for fifteen minutes. Having a meaningful interaction with your front line staff and/or patients from an executive is paramount to your long-term success.

There’s no substitute for executive rounding besides it’s an opportunity to stretch your legs, get your daily steps and greet staff member with a heart warming “Good Morning”.

If you lead by example, your front line directors, managers and supervisors are more likely to follow suit.

Tomorrow is a new day which brings new opportunities to take new actions. Why not start rounding right after your first cup of coffee and before your first meeting.

It will be a positude experience!



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