It’s that time of the year again. Our recent high school graduates getting ready to head to college. As a father of five and informally of many more especially our youth corps members who are ready to head out to college. I’m nervous for them. There is a big great world beyond what they have experienced ever before.

Many have yet to spend more than a few days away from their homestead and unlikely ready to thrive on their own. It’s likely going to be a year of survival.

The best I can do for any of these students is to provide some fatherly advise and words of wisdom based on deep personal experiences.

Fatherly Top Five:

  1. Set a firm two-drink limit for yourself
  2. Stay true to yourself at all times
  3. Listen to your inner voice carefully
  4. Don’t commit to the first boy or girl you meet
  5. Don’t join a sorority during your first year of college

It is important to have FUN but not at the expense of bad grades or failing out of college. I have seen too many do all the above only to derail their dreams and realistic ambitions.

Don’t become a statistic and remember a college education is very expensive for your parents.

Live life to the fullest and stay within the boundaries of your capabilities.


P.S. Good Luck Kasey…………..



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