Ugh, we all have those BLUE days. Nothing seems to be going your way. Got up and bumped my head, no hot water left after the kids took an extra long shower this morning, traffic was horrific for no apparent reason causing me to miss a meeting. I can think of another half a dozen minor events that got me down for the day.

Question is, do you allow these relatively minor events to feed your negative brain or do you have the inner strength to break out and live life with some positude?

Easier said than done of course but not an impossible task. Let’s reverse and start from the beginning but this time with a positive brain!

Oh lord, thank you for giving me another day to watch my family grow, birds chirp and watch the dogs chase their tails. A refreshing shower this morning, reminding me how lucky we are to have hot water more often than not. Today I got lucky, while moving slowly, I got to catch up with a long lost friend and shared great memories causing me to belly laugh more than once.

My highlight of the day was eating that “Rainbow Cookie” that had been staring at me for weeks.

I feel so much better now, my shoulders broad, my brain in positive gear, ready to give the world another day filled with positude!

Share this story with those having a “BLUE” day today.



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