Last week, I came across an article posted on Facebook that grabbed my attention and I have not stopped thinking about it ever since. Why do relationships fail albeit personal or professional?

Quick answer would be to say “Failure to Communicate” or “Financial Stress” or even “Lack of Love”. However, these are symptoms not the actual root causes. Therefor fixing these symptoms will leave you vulnerable to repeat.

So what is the root cause?

Unmet expectations of each other in the relationship is the actual root cause. If you have not already done so, you should do it today and purchase the book “Five Languages of Love”. It explains in great detail and in a language we all understand, what it is to live life with clarity. Undoubtedly, you will recognize yourself in one of the scenarios described.

In essence, both individuals in a relationship have different expectations of the other individual however we often assume what the other needs are versus actually having a discussion about specific needs. To do this right, you have to do this in great detail to ensure that you can cater to each others expectations.

For example, I need assistance with house hold choirs. Sounds simple, you take on the task to do the dishes and few loads of laundry. You feel like the hero but received by your partner as a zero. Why one might ask? Well, house hold choirs actually meant more specifically for you to vacuum and mob the floors on Saturday morning.

I’m sure you can come up with another dozen examples whereby expectation regarding communications, finances and love can be misconstrued without bad intentions however it can and will lead to poor outcomes if not addressed in an appropriate manner.

As a positude leader, take this advise to heart and set crystal clear expectations of your staff, co-workers and even with your boss. It will lead to less stressful times in your life.



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