The Six LIES between you and SUCCESS!

The Six LIES between you and SUCCESS!

We all dream of being successful, we all like to reach our God-given potential however there are many things that stand in our way to maximize performance. First and foremost, the most likely bearer to our own success is YOU! Too many of us have dreams and potential however we can’t overcome our own self-imposed limitation due to lack of self-awareness, personality or controlling external factors.

positude leader would start by identifying these bearers to success and be open-minded to suggestio to fully understand the “Six LIES between you and SUCCESS”!

Let’s take a deeper dive into the six LIES;

  1. Everything matters equally
    • We have been relying on a To-Do list (or Honey-Do) list to make sure that we complete important task. However there’s an embedded lie, not all task are created equally. We need to start creating a “Success-List” using the 80/20 rule
  2. Multi-tasking – to do two things at once is to do neither – Publilius Syrus
    • We can barely chew gum and walk at the same time, forget about doing two important task at the same time. For example, talking on the phone and sending an email at the same time. Sure you can do it however likely neither is getting the attention it requires and often a “redo” is required. Actually, there’s an approximate 30% loss due to redo action related to multi-tasking as well as a potential negative financial consequence
  3. A disciplined life
    • You CAN be successful with less discipline than you think, for one simple reason; success is about doing the right things, not about doing everything right
  4. Willpower will always be on-call
    • Willpower is like a battery, its gets drained as the day progresses, if you don’t recharge during the day, the quality of your work suffers
  5. A balanced life
    • When you are supposed to be working, work. When you are supposed to play, play. Too often, we are out of balance, too much work and not enough play. Be mindful of your physical, mental and psychological well-being
  6. Big is bad
    • You can act like a victim or be victorious. You will limit yourself if you dream small. You ought to dream big and act small daily. So aim HIGH.

Once you have a deep understanding and a true appreciation for the “LIES” between you and “SUCCESS”, you can develop a road to recovery by dreaming big, doing the right things right in order of success while maintaining a balanced life. Similar to your love-tank (The Five Love Languages – Gary Kaplan) your will-power tank needs steady replenishment. I strongly recommend adopting meditation session between 1-2PM each day for about 15-minutes. It will do you a world of good.


P.S. Credit goes to “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller…. I highly recommend his book. Today’s blog is a blend of his suggestions and my interpretations.


The Four Thieves….. a must read!

The Four Thieves….. a must read!

It is difficult enough to find the right balance in work/life matters last thing we need is a “Thief” to take more from us. It all comes at a cost and consequence we need to accept and learn to mitigate.

It starts by creating awareness of the “Four Thieves”. After all, thief’s don’t knock on your door and tell you that they are stealing from you. If you don’t know or understand, one can’t change.

Take a moment to get into the “NOW” and mindful reflect on the four thieves that rob us of time frequently.

  1. It’s OK to say “NO”
  2. Fear of Chaos
  3. Poor Health Habits
  4. An Environment that doesn’t support your goals

Most of you will relate however struggle with gaining the right balance or too afraid to take action. Inaction will have greater consequences and likely affect the people you love most.

I’m guilty as sin and aware that I over commit to my family’s liking. It’s so difficult to say “NO” when you see a need. I’m the best at convincing myself that I will just get up an hour earlier and do the associated work so my family is not affected by it. Sure enough, I can do the work however the phone calls and meetings are often at times when one should be spending time and paying attention to his/her own family.

Insecurity or fear of failure will prevent you from taking action that would lead to a better balance in time. At times, we have to play in traffic, take a calculated chance, go through some difficulty to make a gain. If you live in constant state of procrastination, time will slip by at a great expense.

A recent study showed that nearly 50% of workers dislike their current job. That is a staggering number and to think that you will likely work for 45 years of your life, you better find something that is aligned with your passion or a company that works with you to reach your goals.

Don’t let life slip you by, don’t be robbed during daylight hours, take action and create new habits. Raise awareness and make progressive steps toward the near perfect work/life balance.


P.S. I highly recommend that you read “The One Thing” by Gary Keller

Once in a lifetime!

Once in a lifetime!

Yesterday was a special day, a day for the memories and it all started 23 years ago. My partner Nick Veltri, CPD,  and NCVAC were dispatched to an unresponsive 6-year-old patient in cardiac arrest. As a team, we responded quickly and worked efficiently to give our patient the best opportunity for life.

Most likely the longest 10+ minutes for Patty & Charles, they witnessed a team of professionals doing what they do best…. creating “HOPE” where little hope exist.

Within minutes, after advance cardiac care resuscitation techniques were applied, our patients heart started beating again. Although relieved, we were not yet out of the woods not knowing how much cardiac and brain damage was done due to lack of oxygen for nearly 10 minutes.

Because of a much larger team of medical professionals and moms true “LOVE”, Greg made a full recovery and is not only living a full life today, he is giving life to those on the brink of death working as a Registered Nurse in a NYC Hospital.

This “Once in a Lifetime” moment came years after that dreaded day when I received an invite to Greg’s high school graduation. We have been friends ever since… a bit like an older brother of some sort.

It’s been an honor watching him mature, find his true love in his life and pursue a career in healthcare himself.

Yesterday, I attended his wedding which was the icing on top of the cake. A moment that every first responder hopes for when they go to great lengths resuscitating a lifeless body. Too often, it ends up in tragedy and therefore a day like today, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see it all come full circle.

I’m thankful for having been part of this amazing story and I will share Patty’s and Charlie’s gratitude to Clarkstown PD, New City Volunteer Ambulance, my Partner Nick Veltry, Nyack Hospital, Westchester Medical Center and the many others who assisted to make this a dream come true.

If you are looking to make a difference in life, join your local ambulance corps or take a CPR class in your neighborhood. Put yourself in a position of success.

Be the difference… #payitforward


GOD like LOVE!

GOD like LOVE!

I love my family, I love people, I love new experiences, I love taking calculated risk, I love learning new things from new perspectives. It makes me more whole as a person when I’m exposed to diverse ideas and practices. In fact, it makes me a better positude leader.

There is one word in our vernacular that causes instant misunderstanding of the true meaning of the word. “GOD” is often confused with religion or some mystical man sitting in the heavens orchestrating life down below on earth.

Yesterday, I got to spent some time with a wise man who put the meaning of “GOD” into simplistic but powerful words. “GOD” is not a being but instead a symbol of “LOVE”.

Too often people are offended by a simple word however they can conjoin around the word “LOVE”. The most fundamental need of people is to feel loved, loved in a fundamental agape type of love. Genuine love and care, unconditional love without stipulation, love that last through good and bad.

Your “GOD” whomever you choose to follow is about this genuine love. It is the non-judgmental love that we all seek consciously or subconsciously. However, the only way to receive this love, it to be open to it. It’s about giving and receiving and not necessarily in a 50/50 consideration.

As you accept your higher power as your agape source of “LOVE”, consider how you give love to those around you. As a positude leader, we search for the intrinsic drivers of our team members and target what is most meaningful to them without expecting anything in return. “Love” is listening, “Love” is tough love, “Love” is appreciating, etc.

Bring “LOVE” into your daily life, it will be enlightening.



Celebrating Key Milestones! Do you?

Celebrating Key Milestones! Do you?

Over the past few weeks, I had the pleasure to attend several employee recognition dinners for years of service. Each of these events were filled with joy, pride and even better conversation with people you rarely see outside of the work place.

Do we really value our own key mile stones in life and that of our team members? Do we participate because we have to as leaders or because we are truly vested in celebrating longevity with our valued team mates? How likely are leaders going to stick around to reach even the five-year milestone, not likely, we are often on the move after 3-6 years in pursuit of our next challenge and opportunity.

In years past, it was valued when a senior leader was at the helm for 20+ years, today it is a rarity anymore. Because of this phenomena, we need to be even more attentive to those on the front lines who often dedicate their lives to one single company.

As Positude Leaders, make it your business to prioritize celebrating milestones of your employees. It’s an opportunity to connect, show deep appreciation and make a lasting impression of genuine care for your team members.

Your gestures to recognizing can be as simple as a handwritten “Thank You” note with a small gift to a lavish dinner at a favorite restaurant. Not celebrating is a missed opportunity.

Don’t underestimate the power of “Genuine Care”, just-do-it!




Recognize Often….Just Do It!

Recognize Often….Just Do It!

When was the last time you received a meaningful compliment from your co-workers or boss. Most likely not often enough. Although, we don’t necessarily seek recognition or are willing to state that we need affirmation on regular basis, deep inside of us, we feel better once recognized.

Giving recognition is almost more powerful than receiving it. It brings a smile to the face of the recipients which in turn releases a small amounts of dopamine into the brain. Dopamine happens to be our organic “Feel Good” medicine, it will make you more alert and positive for a least a few minutes.

Wouldn’t it be great if we provide this to each other? Therefor “Recognize Often” in a variety of ways. Someday’s it might just be a spoken word or a quick email, other days a small gift, a luncheon however a well written “Thank You” note will likely have lasting effect and be placed on the pin board above their desk for years to come.

Make this a new habit by setting up daily reminders for oneself to start the day on a positive note. I’m sure you can find something about somebody that was done well the previous day.

Personally, I sent a daily 8AM invite to my leadership team as a reminder to start the day by recognizing someone with a few meaningful words. I also encouraged all our supervisors to “Up Manage” any one deserving a “Thank You” note from the Director’s Office.

Last week alone, over 75 staff members were recognized for every day excellence. That’s a lot of “Dopamine” and feel good moments both for the receiver as well as the sender. Since I was cc’d on all of them, I have had a permanent smile on my face.

Recognize often, start today and learn to live a fuller life with “Positude”


P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all!

Suicide Prevention….. we all need to do better!

Suicide Prevention….. we all need to do better!

As I do most often, I get up early in the morning and read my twitter news feed for anything that might have happened overnight. I was in complete disbelieve when I read that Anthony Bourdain had committed suicide in his hotel room while on assignment in France.

An iconic figure with the keen ability to talk food, family and culture. A voice that was unique and comforting. A persona that many envy including myself. A job that seems to be ideal in many ways food, travel, exploration, personalities, etc.

In 2017, I lost four friends to suicide and was encouraged that the same was not true for 2018 however CDC statistics show that over 160 people per day choose to end their lives due to despair.

As someone who lives life with “POSITUDE”, I can’t imagine nor have I ever experienced a moment that I could not see the light any longer. Sadly, working in the medical field, I have seen too much and often too late.

The real question remains, are we doing enough to prevent suicidal idealization by openly discussing ones inner feelings. Are we reaching out to those most likely to be in despair? The lonely elderly, the recently divorcee, recently laid off or someone with a known mental health illness? Are we just too busy in life to only think of oneself? I’m afraid it is the latter.

I have advocated for this in the past and will do so again. “Reach out Wednesday” is something that belongs on your calendars at work. Let’s start a campaign on outlook to book a set time each Wednesday to reach out to someone in your life that might appreciate a phone call or maybe even lunch at the local diner.

It’s the human touch that’s going to prevent the next suicide! Be mindful and in the present when interacting with people who are not in a good place. You don’t need to solve their issues, you just need to hear them and be there for them.

Try it and let me know how it works.


Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday